#1 – Learn from the Experts

Who better to teach you about PxPlus than those developing and working with it every day?

The developers, experts and management team from PVX Plus Technologies will be on board, the Allure of the Seas, to present all the newest technologies and the most effective ways to develop and deploy applications using PxPlus.

Get ready for eleven (11) technical training sessions, each of which focuses on a specific aspect of the PxPlus Development Suite. Here are some of the topics on the expert-led conference agenda:

  • How to setup a trusted and secure connection between workstations and a host server using the latest in TLS/SSL technology and ciphers
  • Get acquainted with the various methods to debug application whether they are running on a remote user’s workstation or using a browser on the Internet.
  • Understanding the risks to data integrity involved in various configurations and how address data recovery issues when they inevitability occur
  • Tips and Tricks to update the look and feel of your Windows application with a minimal effort
  • Explore the new Office integration objects for direct, simple access and to update documents
  • Learn how the PxPlus License Manager can make your application more secure and easier to install and maintain with PxPlus 2017.

In addition to the technical sessions, there will be four (4) product presentations on all the latest enhancements introduced in PxPlus 2017.

Join our roundtable discussions about the future of the product with the people who are actually going to make it happen.

Meet and interact with the PVX Plus experts, at DireXions 2017, and they will show you how to maximize your investment in PxPlus.

#2 – Meet our Village People

An old African proverb says:

It takes a village to raise a child


Well PxPlus is no different, it takes a community to create a great product, to nurture it, and keep it healthy.

Join us and other members of the PxPlus community — developers, resellers, and clients — at DireXions 2017 this fall.  Because meeting like-minded people not only inspires you, but it creates an opportunity to build partnerships and joint venture opportunities.

You will have ample time with fellow PVXers from varied backgrounds and industries to find out what others are doing with PxPlus to tackle some of the application challenges they face every day.  Through networking, you can help each other uncover ideas that can spark inspiration.  You are bound to find the answers to questions you may have or learn a trick or two on how others took advantage of PxPlus toolset.

If you have your own application, spend time with other resellers to see if perhaps they can assist you marketing or supporting your product.  Use this opportunity to build new partnerships. Sharing ideas with like-minded individuals may lead you to that next great strategy to grow your business.

Don’t be a macho man (or woman) and try to do everything yourself.  Join us as at DireXions 2017 and meet our Village People — the PxPlus community.

#3 – Customizing your Experiences

It is a long forgotten utility for many of you, but the PxPlus Customizer has provided your end users, for many releases, with an easy way to tailor their experience.  At DireXions 2017, we will revisit this past treasure and show off some of its newest features.

At the last DireXions, we used the customizer to showcase where you might use dynamic system menus.  During that session, it became very apparent that not everybody knew of the customizer’s existence and only a few knew how to take full advantage of the Customizer’s capabilities.

This year, at DireXions 2017, we hope to resolve all that.  During this session, we will re-introduce you to the customizer and review how it works.  We will also provide examples showing how developers and/or end-users can use it to add custom fields to their application, all without affecting the existing code.

There  will also be a demonstration on how we have incorporated the new horizontal bar charts for list and grids into the customizer allowing even more information to be displayed graphically.  Finally, we will also show you how Customizer itself is easier than ever to setup and control with PxPlus 2017.

To be prepared the next time your end-users ask for a custom field, or you need information added quickly to existing Nomads panels you certainly do not want to miss this session.

Cruise along with us to find all the treasures buried deep within the Customizer at DireXions 2017.

#4 – Educational and Family Friendly

Time out the office can be difficult enough but leaving loved ones behind while you attend a conference can make things even harder.

Well, this year’s DireXions is unique.  While we have lots of presentations and training sessions planned for the attendees, the venue and schedule has been specifically selected to allow your friends, spouse, or complete family to accompany you.

On a cruise conference you won’t have to worry about how your guests are going to keep themselves entertained while you attended the sessions.  DireXions 2017, on the Allure of Seas, will have something for everyone.

For your adult guests, Allure of the Seas offers a vast array of on board venues and experiences. It will probably take two or three days just to discover everything that’s on board.  Cruise ships are floating resorts with all the choices fine resorts have to offer. You can lie back in a lounge chair, breathe in the sea air, soak up the sun, and explore the shops on board or the Casino. There is sure to be something to keep even the most hard to please traveler entertained.

Now, if you have kids, this is your chance to look like a hero.  Royal Caribbean has one of the best kids programs on the seven seas.  They offer special programs for children of all ages from the toddler to the teenager with events and special programs for each age bracket.  They even offer baby-sitting if you want to have some ‘Adult’ time enjoying all that the ship has to offer during the evenings.  For more information about the children’s programs, check out the following links:

Of course, if time together is what’s important to you, we have that covered as well.  We structured our agenda to make it easier for all attendees to enjoy time together at the three ports of call (the Beaches of Labadee, Falmouth Jamaica, and Cozumel Mexico), by making sure that all the technical sessions presented on the days we are in port will be repeated on days at sea.  This allows attendees and their guests enjoy all the ports of call.

Finally, best of all, because this is a cruise, it will be hard to beat the cost.  The difference between single accommodations and double occupancy in a room is around $150CDN ($120US) and all prices include meals and entertainment.  If you have kids, most rooms have additional sleeping options that would allow them to accompany you at a reduced per person rate.

So not only can your attendance at DireXions 2017 be a winning experience for you in terms of learning what’s new in PxPlus, networking, and advancing your technical savvy; but it can also be a winning experience for those closest to you.

Be the Hero of the Office and your Family — Learn at Sea with friends and family at DireXions 2017.  


#5 – Sea the Visuals

FUN FACT:  Did you realize that the Oreo cookie has been around for over 100 years? The Oreo came before the Pac-Man (1980), the first man on the moon (1969), and even the Yo-Yo (1928). While the packaging has changed several times over the last century the cookie itself, has only changed twice. Oreo History

Food companies are not alone in this, almost all successful companies periodically change their packaging to make the product look new and fresh in order to increase product awareness and of course sales. Why is this so important? The reason is simple: Most customers do not have the time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the products in their shopping carts, so they use a shortcut to make their decision. That shortcut is your product’s packaging.

Your application is no different. The first thing your potential client is going to see is the screens so keeping them modern looking can go a long way to getting that next sale.

At our session on Themes, Visual Classes and more, at DireXions 2017, we will show you how with a few simple changes you can “Re-Brand” your application and visually update it to the next level making your existing application look new and refreshed.

Over the last few years, we have added capabilities to help you improve the user interface of your application. You want an example?  You can see the difference in our own PxPlus Development Suite and how is has evolved. There is nothing magic about it – we’re just using our own tools to enhance the appearance and in the process, we add functionality by taking advantage of the native environment.

PxPlus 2017 takes that evolution a step further. We have added the ability to create Custom title bars for your application.    Create it once and apply it your application.   We’ve made that part easy – Globally, by Library or by Panel Header.

As always a picture is worth a thousand words — so here’s a couple of thousand words worth of images to  give you a better idea of what you can do with your desktop application

Old vs new

Once in place, you can easily add buttons, links, images, or whatever else you desire. The panel header is just a simple NOMADS panel. Remember:  Change it once and your whole application can be updated.

Register for DireXions 2017 before it is too late to visualize how to enhance the packaging of your application to make it look new and refreshed.

#6 – The Boss wants you to go

Is the reason you have not registered for DireXions 2017 that you are thinking…

“My boss would never approve me going to a conference on a cruise ship”

Well, here are some of the facts that might help you convince the boss.


A cruise conference is no different than a land-based conference in Vegas, Orlando, or Toronto. All these locations, as well as a cruise, provide opportunities to explore after the conference sessions.  Simply put, you are going to a conference based out of a port and your hotel (ship) just happens to be moving!


Unlike a land-based conference where you can skip anytime, walk out of the conference hotel and go explore, on a cruise conference all key sessions are held while at sea. You aren’t going to just walk off the ship to explore.  You will have fewer distractions during a cruise conference helping you focus on the material being presented.

What’s more, with the DireXions 2017 schedule, if you should have an unexpected conflict with events back in the office, all training sessions held at sea will be repeated on the days at port allowing attendees to get caught up with anything you may have missed.


The DireXions 2017 Cruise conference provides for over 16 hours of presentations including 7½ hours of focused sessions on new features and product futures, 9 hours of product technical sessions and a 45-minute one-on-one session for each attendee. Our average previous land-based conference offered only 10 hours of material with an optional workshop.

The one-on-one session, included in your conference registration fee, is one of the best deals we have ever offered.  This alone is worth hundreds of dollars, if purchased outside of the conference venue.


Just like a land-based conference, there are dedicated conference rooms and spaces segmented off to insure a focused learning environment.

What else does a Cruise Conference offer that a Land Based conference cannot offer?


Everything that you would receive on a land-based conference is provided to you on a cruise conference at less cost.


Before, during and after our sessions create a strong network base.  Unlike a land-based conference where everyone scatters after sessions are over each day, with a cruise based conference there will be opportunities for ongoing interactions.


While our land based conferences host anywhere from 50 to 80 attendees, the cruise conference is intentionally smaller and more individualized, providing the attendee with increased opportunity to ask questions during sessions along with building stronger network relationships that can continue beyond the cruise conference.

Convince the Boss

If you are the boss, hopefully we’ve already convinced you of the great value in attending DireXions 2017.  If not, and you are not sure that your boss would cover a cruise conference; you can use this information to make your case.

Don’t forget there is only slightly more than one week to sign up for DireXions 2017

#7 – MUCH more for WAY less

True or False?


Q: “A cruise conference will cost more than a land conference

Most of you may have guessed incorrectly, that with the cost of a 7-day cruise this would not be a good deal – but it is.

One big difference is the actual conference fee.  For a land-based conference, this fee must include the cost of meals, entertainment and conference facilities.  On a cruise conference, all these costs are included in the cost of the cruise. We’ve worked hard to get the price of this cruise conference down, as low as we possibly can, and in the end made something that will actually cost less than you would normally pay for a full week long conference.

Consider this, the conference registration fee for DireXions 2017 is only $350 CDN that includes all of the conference sessions, a one-on-one session, and private cocktail farewell reception.  While your cruise cabin pricing includes all meals, taxes, use of facilities, most entertainment, and of course – stateroom accommodations.

When you take into account that the actual cruise conference fee is ⅓ the price of the average land conference, as you can see below, you can actually cover the total cost of the DireXions 2017 Cruise conference for less than the cost of attending our average land conference!

Comparison of DireXions 2017 costs vs. previous land based DireXions conferences

  DireXions 2017
uise Conference
DireXions 2016
DireXions 2014
Disney Orlando
Conference Fee $350

$260 US
(standard fee w/workshop)
$1,272 US
(standard fee w/workshop)
$1,310 US
Hotel Costs $1,908
(single occ./inside cabin)
$1,415 US
($209 CDN + tax @3 nights)
$556 US
($165 US + tax @3 nights)
$534 US
Meal Costs $0
(ALL meals included)
$74 US
$74 US
TOTAL $2,258
$1,675 US
$1,902 US
$1,918 US

Prices above in $CDN unless otherwise noted.
Conversion rate $0.74 US = $1.00 CDN

So for a single person attending DireXions 2017, the total cost of the conference and training (excluding airfare) will be over $300 less than the last two conferences.  That’s a savings of about 12% from prior years.

Of course you can save even more by sending two people to share accommodations:

  • Two people attending cruise conference (sharing inside cabin) total = $2,758.
  • Two people attending the land based conference (sharing standard hotel room) total = $4,380.
  • Two people attending cruise conference over a land base conference: savings of $1,622.

The truth is, this cruise conference – whether one or two people are attending from your company – will cost less and save you money on your training budget!

#8 – All Hands on Tech: What’s New in PxPlus

Life doesn’t stand still, and neither does PxPlus.   With a whole slew of new features and options, PxPlus  2017 will help you modernize the look of your application so that you can provide the new functionality your end users are seeking.

As with all previous DireXions’ conferences, the ‘Big Ticket’ presentation is where we introduce you to the latest innovations that the PxPlus has to offer.  This year, at DireXions 2017, will be no exception.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the new tech we will be presenting:

Bar Charts (inside of list boxes)

Everybody agrees that a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not give your end-users a true picture of what is happening in the system.

With PxPlus 2017, we will be introducing the ability to include horizontal bar charts inside both list boxes and grids.  This feature allows you to present key system information to the end user in a manner that allows for easier assimilation.

Here is a perfect example:  include horizontal bar charts in a list to help highlight when inventory levels start to reach critical levels by comparing stock on hand to sales per day and delivery times.  Use different colors to highlight those products that need immediate attention to avoid out of stock situations.

bar2017With the tools that you will learn about at the conference, you can provide meaningful at glance information for your users.

Installation Shortcuts

Do you find it challenging to keep your client’s Windows workstations current with the latest version of WindX? Well, we will show you how we have solved this issue and made upgrading to future versions of PxPlus and WindX a breeze.

In the past, when upgrading to WindX or PxPlus you had to deal with how to install it so that all the users existing Windows shortcuts would not only continue to function but also start using the newer version of the software.  This often proved challenging and meant custom installs and/or setup scripts had to be created.

Now, with PxPlus 2017, we you will have an easy way to automatically change all Windows shortcuts to use the latest installed version.

Be sure to attend, What’s New in PxPlus, where we will show you have to simplify the installation and setup using the new PxPlus 2017 shortcut link facility for Windows.

Automatic Data Validation

Business Basic is a great development language as it allows you to accomplish a myriad of data collection and processing tasks easily.  However, unlike many other languages, its flexibility and dynamic nature sometimes allows poor programming to go undetected resulting in data being placed in the control tables and files that has not been properly validated.

PxPlus 2017 addresses this problem by adding the ability to have the system automatically validate that data written to files always adheres to the validation rules you have established for the file.  For example, if the field contains a date with the format YYYY-MM-DD then only valid dates with this format will be allowed to be written to the file.  If a field can only contain 40 characters, then it cannot contain 41.  And so on.

Learn how to take advantage of this new feature and start automatically controlling data validation on your PxPlus files, tables and external databases.

Sign up for DireXions+ 2017, so you’re up to speed on all the latest tech available in PxPlus.

Don’t forget registration closes May 1st so book your spot today!


#9 – Help plan the Future

A great man once said:

The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

One of the best ways for you to help shape the future is to be an active participant at our round table discussions at DireXions 2017.  This is where you will have the opportunity to present and discuss both your needs and ideas for PxPlus and its development environment.

While we are always looking to see where the industry is going and how we can help our developers keep up with the times, we cannot be everywhere nor read everything.  We rely on our community of developers and dealers to point out what new features and capabilities they need in order to succeed.

Let us know what you need or what trends you are seeing in your environment at this round table session, so that we can develop the tools you need to keep up with new emerging technologies.

A few of the items that have been suggested in past conferences and that have been added to the PxPlus environment are:

  • Provide STARTTLS support for email
  • Editor to preserve spacing in programs
  • Improve accessibility of Global Data Dictionary
  • Make Alternate Panels easier to identify
  • Add many of the Microsoft SQL Server syntax extensions  to our ODBC driver

Oh, and in case you are wondering who we quoted, it was none other than Abraham Lincoln.  So join us as we pay respect to him and his vision on how to shape the future.  His vision and wisdom, about the future, is as valid today as it was in the 1800s.

#10 – Learn how to Speed up Database Access

Looking for a good reason to attend DireXions 2017?  Well if you are like many other PxPlus developers and are accessing a relational database with PxPlus, then look no further.  We have one of the best reasons you can think of to attend DireXions 2017;

We can show you how to improve access performance two, three, or even tenfold through the new SQL Select logic we have added to PxPlus 2017.

The key to improving existing systems is finding ways to be more efficient in what you do.  This is at the core of one the main enhancements to our Relational Database interfaces in PxPlus 2017.

Many of our clients are moving towards or have already moved to using relational databases as their data storage method of choice.  Whether that is Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, or other databases, for many, external databases have become their de-facto standard for storing application information and data.

PxPlus has long provided a built-in PxPlus file emulation for relational databases that allows applications to run either our native file structure or to utilize a relational database.  PxPlus 2017 includes some significant improvements to these interfaces.

At the DireXions 2017, you will learn about how these changes drastically reduce the overhead encountered when using relational databases and how you can take advantage of them.

Two major feature improvements that we will review:

  • Enhanced SELECT WHERE processing

The SELECT directive in PxPlus provides an easy and highly flexible method of extracting data from tables and files.  The WHERE clause used to filter the resultant data was somewhat limited in that it was only able to operate AFTER the data was extracted from the table/database.

With PxPlus 2017 we have enhanced the WHERE clause processing for relational databases so that it now passes the filter to the server on the SQL SELECT statement thereby minimizing the amount of data that the server sends to the application.  This change can result in potentially HUGE reductions in data exchanges between the server and workstation and thus HUGE performance gains.

  • Selective column updates

Previously, when updating database records, all columns were being modified regardless of which columns actually changed.  This hindered performance due to the potential of having to send additional information to the servers and in some cases caused the servers to rebuild table indices unnecessarily.

PxPlus 2017 now checks which columns have actually been changed by your application and will construct more precise and better-optimized SQL statements.

Let us show you how you can tap into these new enhancements so that you can significantly improve application performance when using relational databases.