Application Framework

Session duration: 45 Minutes

This special session will showcase our new Application Framework scheduled for release in PxPlus 2018.  The new framework is designed to provide some standard application building blocks that can be used to enhance your existing applications or assist you with new graphical development.

Components we will be discussing:

Navigation/Menu system

The framework includes a ‘task’ based navigation system where you can control which task specific users will have access based on their security.  Tasks can include launching programs, system functions, or reports.

This navigation system also includes options to allow you to control the effective run dates within you applications on a workstation by workstation basis.  Task tracking is also provided with optional logging of who ran which transaction, when, and on what workstation.

Chat functionality is also provided allowing authorized users to exchange messages and supervisory personnel to issue system wide broadcast messages.

Basic application structural components

The framework is designed so it can be easily incorporated into either a single of multi-company environment with customization of the display based on the company preferences.  These preferences extend not only to the colors, but also themes and the handling of user input options such as tabbing within grid cells, query styles, and other nomads design elements.

Also includes is logic to allow you break down you application by subsystem such as Accounting, payroll, or general ledger.  This sub-subsystem structure can then be used by the system security components to control who has access to which task by company and subsystem.

Infrastructure components

Every application system has need for parameters, code tables, and messages.  Included with the framework are a comprehensive set of tools to maintain the infrastructure including parameters by workstation, user, company and system-wide.

Additional modules provide access to tools designed for international systems with support for country tables and currency conversion routines.

Development components

The framework also provides a variety of tools that make development easier.  These include enhanced data classes which provide automatic input validation, loading of drop boxes, improved data formatting, segmented data entry, and direct access to on-the-fly data entry for missing/new data elements.

Grid tools are also included allowing for the automatic loading, validation and formatting of columns and cells within the grid.  There are also components designed to simplify the creation of header and detail maintenance routines such as Invoice header/lines.  Built in support for secondary extended grid entry is also provided by the framework.

Documentation System

A PxPlus Wiki based documentation component is provided pre-loaded with documentation on the framework, its various modules, their functions and properties.  The Wiki is designed to be able to run locally or on the Web with built in interfaces to the Navigation system.

This documentation system also provides a web based interface to browse your data dictionary, providing information on all your defined tables and their related field elements and data classes.

Be sure to join us for what is sure to be a conference favorite.