Ship Embarkation

Hopefully by the time this occurs you will be onboard, otherwise we’re afraid you missed the boat and along with that all the exciting presentations and sessions we have in store for you.

For those of you that haven’t cruised before, keep an ear out for the ship-board announcement of the “Muster Station” drill.  All passengers are required to take part in this drill where you will be introduced to your secondary cruise ship (i.e. Lifeboat) in the highly unlikely event there should be an emergency.

Don’t worry, its required by law just like the seat beat and exit door presentation we all have heard numerous times before when flying.  And just like flying, although required it is something that is far from likely to be needed.

Once the Muster drill is over, the ship will be ready to cast off and our Adventure begins on our first cruise conference: DireXions 2017.

Welcome Aboard!